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Job Opportunities

  • The Backdoor Guide to Short-Term Job Adventures – book and website.
  • Cool Works – “Jobs in Great Places.”
  • Craigslist – It is pretty much guaranteed you can find some job, somewhere, on Craigslist.

Work-Trade Travel Opportunities

Inexpensive Travel Opportunities

  • Trusted House Sitters – A worldwide house-sitting network, for short and long term pet-sitting.
  • Mind My House – Another worldwide house-sitting network, cheaper than Trusted House Sitters, but still good.
  • CouchSurfing – Wherever you go, there is a couch waiting for you.
  • AirBnB – A pricier version of Mind My House and CouchSurfing
  • The Hospitality Club – Also similar to Couchsurfing
  • Hostelling International
  • Craigslist – Check out “Rideshare” under “Community” – it’s like safer, more formal hitchhiking.

Travel Information and Programs

  • Unschool Adventures – trips typically aimed at ages 14-19, but if you’ve missed that slot, sometimes will have trips for young adults, and they will sometimes admit older students to their trips.
  • World Initiative – A 2-year program starting in June 2014.  Learn amazing skills and change the world.
  • Lonely Planet – A wealth of travel information for those of us who want more than what most travel companies can provide.  They also have books.

Cheap/Free Self-Ed Resources

  •  TED“Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.”
  • Coursera – “An education company that partners with the top universities and organizations in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free.”
  • MIT Open Courseware – SO many free college courses you can take online for free at any time!
  • iTunes U – Free college lectures
  • LiveMocha – A language-learning community
  • Khan Academy – Another motherload of easy-to-learn information – free!
  • The Free Library
  • Course Hero – This and the Free Library are two awesome online databases full of information and resources on a wide variety of subjects
Learning and Connecting in Your Community
  • – Want to do something that you like to do, with other people?  Chances are there is a Meetup group for that!
  • Toastmasters – Improve your public-speaking skills.

College Rebel Community, Conferences, Programs, etc.

  • Zero Tuition College –  A free and awesome online community of self-directed learners pursuing higher education their way
  • Degreed: Create an online portfolio that showcases your traditional and non-traditional pursuits of education.
  • Bold Academy – “Four weeks in Boulder this summer. 24 individuals ready to transform themselves and their worlds. An experience unlike any other, where critical life skills of years will be distilled into a single July.”

College Rebel Portfolio Examples

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