College Rebellion is a website dedicated to supporting, encouraging, inspiring, and providing resources for those who are choosing to blaze their own paths in the realm of higher education.

This website will be especially helpful to you if you:

– Are in highschool and starting to feel the pressures of applying to universities

– Are just out of highschool, but have not started to go to college yet because you’re not sure if that should be your next step

– Are in college but wanting to drop out, or at least take a break, and do your own thing

– Are a college graduate and don’t know what to do now: in fact, maybe your degree is weighing you down more than helping you

No matter who you are, you’ve probably been scolded about having your own agenda – scolded by family, teachers, and friends.

Perhaps they’ve given you a lot of self-doubt. Who are you kidding? No important employer will ever take you seriously unless you have at least a Bachelor’s degree, if not more.

That is where I and my website come in.

I am only one Jessica, but I am here to help and encourage you. To give you what you need so that everyone – family, teachers, friends, AND important employers – will take you seriously without a fancy piece of paper.

Check out the Blog and the Method pages for more information.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc., feel free to contact me!


Who’s behind this whole gig anyway??

Jessica Barker – founder/blogger/etc..  Jessica is a a 23-year-old autodidact with a great love for traveling anywhere and learning anything.  After two highly successful years spent keeping a blog called Life Without College, Jessica started College Rebellion to reach a wider audience with a greater amount and variety of resources.  Jessica also writes for The Unschooler Experiment and offers mentorship through Zero Tuition College.  When she is not writing for College Rebellion, she spends her time tending to a grand array of flowers and vegetables, and works as a chef at a local restaurant in Burnsville, North Carolina.

Jenna Key – graphic artist.  Jenna is a 19-year-old lifelong learner with a passion for reading good books, criticizing bad books, writing awesome books, and drawing amazing works of art.  Currently she is attending college to become a video game designer.  She is responsible for our banner!  Want to see more?  Check out her deviantART portfolio and her illustrated blog.

Interested in contributing?  Feel free to drop Jessica a line.


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